Build Your Funk Drumming Skills In Just 20 Minutes!

Funk up your playing in a big way with 3 straightforward lessons that will allow you to instantly apply new concepts in your playing.

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For Beginner & intermediate drummers

Would you like to learn funk drumming but don't know where to begin? These free lessons are the perfect way to ramp up your groove.

3 video lessons

I will guide you through this 20 min. video lesson series with step-by-step instruction, showing you the concepts at different tempos.

Play funk effortlessly

You'll leave this lesson series ready to groove like the greats with my focused approach to funk drumming fundamentals.

Take the next step

Once you've built your funk foundation, dive into more advanced topics and have fun(k) like never before!

Learn And Apply The Techniques Used From The Greatest Funk Drummers

I will show you how to improve your playing showing you the tools used by the greatest funk drummers

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What you'll learn

Tackle the fundamentals of funk drumming with a practical approach designed to give your playing a fresh injection of groove.

1. What are ghost notes and buzz strokes and why are so important in Funk Drumming and the sweet spot on the snare drum to execute them in the best possible way!

2. The different displacements of accents that you can play on the snare and bass drum to develop a syncopated playing.

3. The key ingredient to create Funk patterns on the hi-hat saying goodbye to the same old eight notes pattern.

These 3 easy to apply concepts are THE most important thing you can implement in your playing to develop your Funk Drumming skills and to get better at drums.


In other words, you are going to learn:

  • The tools used by the greatest Funk Drummers  
  • The correct technique to create a proper Funk Groove
  • How to develop a creative and original Funky playing

Build Your Funk Drumming Skills In Just 20 Minutes!

This 20 minutes video lesson series will give you a strong foundation that'll enable you to learn how to lock into a funk groove and become a more expressive drummer.

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