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Through 100 carefully curated grooves, this method ensures that, as a beginner or intermediate drummer, you not only learn the essential building blocks to improve your playing but also grasp the key elements behind creating grooves that have made the history of funk drumming.

From understanding the unique characteristics of funk rhythms to mastering and incorporating essential techniques such as ghost notes and syncopated accents, each chapter will provide practical insights and exercises that you can immediately apply to your drumming to have a massive change in your playing.


CHAPTER 1: Bass Drum Double Strokes 
CHAPTER 2: Ghost Note Combinations 
CHAPTER 3: Buzz Stroke Combinations 
CHAPTER 4: Syncopated Grooves 
CHAPTER 5: Open Hi-Hat Grooves 
CHAPTER 6: 16th-Note Hi-Hat Mastery
CHAPTER 7: 8th and 16th Note Hi-Hat 
CHAPTER 8: Mastering Two-Bar Grooves
CHAPTER 9: Fat Grooves
CHAPTER 10: Two-Handed Hi-Hat


  • 100 Transcribed Grooves
  • 100 Video Tutorials
  • All-Skill-Levels
  • PDF Ready To Print
  • Learn The Secrets of Funk Drumming
  • Improve Your Playing Easily