Ghost Notes Drum Lesson

Ghost Notes Drum Lesson For Beginners

ghost notes drum lesson May 31, 2024

Ghost notes are the secret sauce to adding groove and swing to your drumming. 

They're those subtle, quieter notes that fill in the spaces between the main beats, creating a more nuanced and "funky" feel. 

Today, we're diving into a simple yet effective drum pattern that incorporates ghost notes on the snare drum, perfect for beginners looking to level up their rhythmic vocabulary. 


 The Groove Breakdown

  • Hi-Hats: Play a steady pattern of quarter notes throughout.

  • Kick Drum: Keep it simple with two hits: Beat 1, The "and" of beat 3 (& of 3)

  • Snare Drum: Here's where the magic happens:
    - Rimshots: Play strong rim shots on beats 2 and 4.
    - Ghost Notes: These are the quieter notes played on the snare drum head itself.

    Play a ghost note on the second and third 16th notes of beats 2 and 4. (e.g., 1 e + a, 2 e + a)
    Add an extra ghost note on the second 16th note of beat 3.


Why This Ghost Note Pattern Works

This combination of ghost notes is incredibly versatile and widely used in funk, R&B, and many other genres. It creates a syncopated feel that propels the groove forward. 

Tips for Playing Ghost Notes

  • Control: The key to ghost notes is control. They should be significantly quieter than your main snare hits.
  • Practice Slowly: Start by practicing the pattern slowly and gradually increase the tempo as you get comfortable.
  • Listen: Pay attention to how the ghost notes interact with the other elements of the groove. Listen for the subtle nuances they create.

Take it Further

Once you've mastered this basic pattern, experiment with variations. Try adding ghost notes on different parts of the beat or incorporating them into other grooves you're learning. The possibilities are endless!

Let's Get Grooving!

Ghost notes are a powerful tool for adding depth and personality to your drumming. With practice, you'll be able to seamlessly integrate them into your playing and unlock a whole new level of rhythmic expression.


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