beginner funk drumming lessons

The SECRET to play a Funk Drumming Groove!

funk drumming lessons Jun 30, 2022

Welcome to this new funk drumming lesson! Wondering how to improve your playing and get closer to the sound of your favorite drummers? Well, there is one cool thing that you can do.

You know, a very crucial aspect of funk drumming is related to ghost notes. They are so important and make the difference in a groove if played properly.

Today I wanna show you a ghost notes groove that will help you to gain more control on the left hand!

If you can master your left hand you will be able to improve your paying in. a big way and your groove will become very funky! That's the secret! Your left hand is your secret weapon when it comes to playing funk!

This is a very simple groove to play, so if you are a beginner drummer, this should be your very first funk drumming lesson!

Have fun!



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