funk drumming lessons

Two Ways To Improve Your Playing - Funk Drumming Lesson

funk drumming lessons Nov 28, 2022

Hey there!

Welcome back to a new video! Today I want to show you two ways to improve your playing and I will do this by showing you a new funk groove inspired by Mike Clark and Zigaboo Modeliste.

In this groove, we will apply two concepts that helped me a lot to develop my funk playing.
The first concept that can help you to improve your playing is related to linear drumming. If you're not familiar with this concept linear drumming is when your hands and feet are not played at the same time. This will help you achieve more confidence when you're playing because you will develop a strong connection between your hands and feet.

The second concept is related to playing a groove with open hands. You will apply this concept in the first bar of the groove where the hi-hat with the left hand and the snare drum with the right hand.

I think that these two concepts are very effective and can help you to bring new ideas to your playing.

Have fun!


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