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How to develop coordination on the left hand - Funk Drumming Lesson

funk drumming lessons Dec 07, 2022

There are a few reasons why drummers need to develop coordination on the left hand. One reason is that the left hand is responsible for the snare drum. If the left hand isn't coordinated, it can be difficult to play the snare drum correctly, which is in funk drumming one of the most important parts of the groove.  

If a groove sounds good, that's because you are also doing a good job on the snare drum. Sometimes we focus all our attention on playing fast 16th notes on the hi-hat because sounds cool, but the snare drum has a crucial part in funk drumming, so you can't sleep on this topic if you are serious about improving and building your drumming skills!  

To help you improve your left hand, I'm sharing with you today a new groove with some ghost notes to play on the snare, in particular in the last two beats of the groove.   

This can help improve the overall sound of the drums. Make sure to play the groove starting slow and then increase the tempo!

Have fun!


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