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Funk Drumming Techniques: The Open Hi Hat - Drum Lesson

funk drumming lessons Dec 12, 2022

The hi-hat is an essential part of the drum set and is commonly used in many different styles of music, including funk. One of the most effective ways to use the hi-hat in a funk drumming context is to play an open stroke on the fourth 16th note. This technique adds a bouncy, syncopated rhythm to your beats and can help to create a funky groove.

To play the open hi-hat on the 16th notes, start by setting up a steady 16th-note pulse on the hi-hat with your foot. You can do this by playing the "chick" sound on the hi-hat with your foot on every quarter note. This will provide the foundation for the open hi-hat pattern and help you keep time.

Next, you'll need to add the open hi-hat pattern on top of the 16th note pulse. This pattern consists of playing the hi-hat with your stick on the first three 16th notes of the measure and then opening the hi-hat on the last 16th note of the measure. To do this, simply play the hi-hat with your stick on the first three 16th notes, and then open the hi-hat on the last 16th note. This will create a bouncy, syncopated rhythm that is characteristic of the open hi-hat pattern.

Overall, playing the open hi-hat on the 16th notes is a great way to add some rhythmic variation to your funk drumming. With some practice and experimentation, you can master this technique and incorporate it into your own drumming style.

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